Monday, March 12, 2007

Thomas Troy viral

Thomas Troy showed up sunday at the open mic night I frequent. This is a neat attempt at viral marketing, I keep telling myself I need to do a project like this. He has created a distinctive image and is trying to make himself famous in 30 days. It is extra neat because I saw him in person, so I'll get some nostalgia value if he succeeds. He played the guitar in an amazing way, and he had funny lyrics. Afterwards 'someone' came with a camera, asked what we thought of 'the guy in the tie and glasses', and gave us his card.
I was a fan of one red paperclip, the million dollar homepage, and similar projects. I like the idea of building up from nearly nothing, probably because that's what I've got. The question is: What kind of an event do I want to build? I saw Thomas Troy play music, but I don't know if he is trying for a music career. I don't have a problem with being famous for becoming famous for the sake of fame, but playing a guitar in sunglasses is not my style either.