Thursday, December 21, 2006

Designs for the Future

By the New Year (which is a fancy way of saying next week) I will have this blog ready to go live. I started Sixty Story Robot as a way to consolidate all my writing into one site. In the past I have segmented my thoughts by topic, and that let me have a slightly different personality in each arena. I didn't like that, so I made a space where I have to present a more complete picture of myself.

In the next few months, I want to finish my novel. I may have to rewrite the plot, but that's not a problem since I haven't written much of the plot yet. Fortunately, since everything was surreal to begin with, I won't have to throw out much of what I did write. I've also decided to ignore the 50,000 word target. I missed it in November, and nothing is going to change that, I will write the book as it should be, however long it ends up.

I will also make a more rigorous exposition of Universal Morality. This is something I have to do. I need to present it to my gang of philosophers, let them rip it apart a little, and see what's left of it. I'm pretty confident it will carry through. It may never be popular, and maybe it never should be, but it needs to be right.

I am being slowly convinced to become politcal. I'm not sure how exactly I want to do this, or what I want my role to be. I don't want to run for office, because I don't think that the offices are where the real power is. A movie star can get legislation passed almost as easily as a legislator. But I don't want to be a movie star either. (Well, that's not my plan...)
This is another reason I wanted a place where I was open. Some of my political stands are going to be massively unpopular with some people, and I think sometimes it is neccesary to stand up. I value anonymity, it is incredibly important to preserving freedom. It is itelf part of freedom. I don't think it is a sign of cowardice, and I will almost certainly publish anonymously in the future myself. But for now I need to be open.
I would rather stand up and get shot than not stand.

Happy Solstice!